South Side Christian School

Grades 7-9

Faye Geates

 Supply List (2013-2014)
Please provide your child with the following supplies.
Gym Class Supplies
- PE shoes
- PE shirt
- PE approved shorts or sweat pants
- PE water bottle (LABLE)
Classroom Materials:
Specific Supplies for each student which they should label with their name.
- Scientific calculator (LABLE)
- Geometry set (LABLE)
- Metric ruler (30cm) (LABLE)
- A pair of scissors (LABLE)
- A set of headphones (LABLE)
- A large zipper binder for all subjects (LABLE)
- A pencil case (LABEL)
- 2 packages of dividers
General Supplies (These are shared therefore no need to label.)
- 600 Loose leafed lined paper sheets
- 10 HB pencils
- 2 Red pens
- 2 Blue/black pens
- 1 Highlighter (any colour)
- 2 White erasers
- 1 Correction tape
- 2 Boxes of tissues
Thank you in advance for providing your child with the above school supplies.  
If you have any questions please call,Faye Geates@