South Side Christian School

Tuition Information and Fees

Tuition Fees for the 2015/2016 School Year are:

Bus Fees: $50/student

ECS:                                        FREE

Grades 1-8 Elementary:
     First Child -                     $210.00

     Second Child -                 $180.00
     Subsequent children -      $120.00           <----- Per month for
     Grade 9.                           $240.00                      ten months

Registration Fees:                  $200.00 

Registration Fees

Registration fees include textbook rental, workbook purchases, student insurance, swimming lessons, and all regular field trips. Some extra activities are not covered by this fee including outdoor school, hot lunch, school supplies, tournament fees, skiing, out of province field 


Scholarships are available for high school upon request for students who have attended SSCS for at least 5 years and have demonstrated strong Christian leadership qualities.

Financial Assistance

South Side Christian School realizes there are parents who wish to place their children in a Christian school but hesitate to do so because of financial constraints.  A financial assistance program is in place for those who qualify.  Further information on the program is available upon request.